Fish/Sea Food

Hinga-Sungta ,A Konkani delicacy

Konkan region ,the vast 720km long coastline in the state of Maharastra, Goa & Karnatak has a lot of diversity in their cuisine. Evolved from local produce like rice,lentils,coconut,red-chilis,sea-food ..Konkani Cuisine is one of the popular cuisine in India now. Mostly they are dairy free with the use of fresh coconut milk in an endless combination with different spices. The fresh made Masalas give true essence to a konkani dish .

Fish/Sea Food

“Chingudi Besara ” , An Authenticate Preparation with Prawn

Warm Greetings to all. Today the sun shines after a week long rain here .Whatever may be ,Bangalore climate has it’s own distinct charm ,pleasant always. Happy to share that recently i did a Christian Wedding photography assignment . It was my first experience to shoot a Christian bride in her gorgeous gown. Today i am sharing a recipe of my Mom’s ,an authenticate preparation with fresh Prawn.

Fish/Sea Food

Prawn Dum Biriyani, A valentine treat to Mom

This year i was with my parents on valentine day, the day when whole world celebrate the joy of Love. I always find that joy to make some food for others.And the joy became most when i get a chance to cook for my mom.My mom loves biriyani and whenevr i visit , she always keeps the ingredients ready before hand.This time i managed to get fresh prawn from Chilika Lake (Famous for it’s sea food besides it’s beautiful lake. Read more at here.) .The result was yummilicious prawn biriyani. She liked it so much and my father only could…

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