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Pumpkin Thepla

Gujaratis are known for their love to travel & exceptional quest for food. Have you ever tasted a Gujarati meal ,that will offer you a blend of both sweet and spicy flavor with plethora of vegetarian dishes. Owing to it's climatic…

Easy Dahiwali Roti | Yogurt Flat Bread Recipe

Sharing an Easy Dahiwali Roti Recipe. The tenderness of each bite with hint of coarinder and chili make your meal even more delicious. Not surprisingly this is a famous trend to serve with your spicy gravies at many restaurants in Delhi.…

Shami kebab with Yogurt dip

People who love to eat are always the best people ~Julia Child~ The wait period when you know something cooking delicious in your kitchen makes you even more hungry !! That's what i observed in my husband case :) You start drooling…