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Fios de Ovos Recipe | Portuguese dessert

‘Fios de Ovos’ is a traditional signature dish in Portuguese dessert making made of egg yolks.It is also called Portuguese angel hair often used in fillings and decorations of cakes and other desserts, or as accompaniments for both sweet and savory dishes. The recipe was probably taken to Japan and Thailand by Portuguese explorers between the 16th and 18th centuries. Portuguese food influenced a lot in Goa’s cuisine. Fios de Ovos in Goa is known as ‘Letria’ used to decorate the top of a Halwa made of coconut and cashew nuts .


Star-fruit Basil Drink

The flesh of Carambola is crunchy, firm & extremely juicy which is commonly referred to as starfruit. It is native to Malayan peninsula & cultivated in many parts of Southeast Asia, Pacific islands and China . This fruit is a very good source of vitamin-C ,also a good source of B-complex vitamins . Starfruit have been known to help an individual sleep with its high content of magnesium, which is a mineral that is directly linked to improving the quality, duration, and tranquility of sleep . Only sweet variety carambola can be eaten fresh or mixed with other fruits in…

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Jamrul Spicy Sip

This fruit is known with many names , wax apple ,rose apple ,jambul ,water apple or simple Jamrul in Oriya. Here in Odisha mostly Jamruls are available which colors ranges from white to pale green. These bell shaped fruits are very pleasant to eyes which helps to improve blood sugar control .Rose Apple possess rich amount of iron, calcium, fiber, Vitamin C, protein and Vitamin A.

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