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sea salt

Ripe Mango and Plum Salad with Coconut oil Dressing

Summer is the season for some colorful stone fruits salad.The time when you can relish the king of fruit with no guilt. Perfect time to balance this hot climate with a bowl of cold Ripe Mango and Plum Salad . Here I am going to share this…

Star-fruit Basil Drink

The flesh of Carambola is crunchy, firm & extremely juicy which is commonly referred to as starfruit. It is native to Malayan peninsula & cultivated in many parts of Southeast Asia, Pacific islands and China . This fruit is a very…

Jamrul Spicy Sip

This fruit is known with many names , wax apple ,rose apple ,jambul ,water apple or simple Jamrul in Oriya. Here in Odisha mostly Jamruls are available which colors ranges from white to pale green. These bell shaped fruits are very…