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Turkish Yogurt Dip Recipe | A No-Cook Haydari Recipe

Haydari is a simple Turkish Yogurt Dip .This Yogurt dip can be experimented with different herbs & spices. Turkish cuisine, which is mostly the heritage of Ottoman cuisine.It is one of the most appetizing cuisines of the world. This…

Mango Chilli Pickle Recipe | No Cook Mango Pickle

Today sharing an easy Mango Chilli Pickle recipe with you.Super delicious and full of flavors. Pickling ,an art to preserve food is considered as a 4000 year old process in India .The term ‘pickle’ comes from  German ‘pekel’ meaning brine…

Spicy Tomato Dip

Being born & brought up in a region where choice of foods were so limited those days i was not much familiar with different cuisines of India ,but Dosa & Idli were known faces to me. And there was a south-Indian restaurant named…