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Bread / Rice, BreakFast

Pumpkin Thepla

Gujaratis are known for their love to travel & exceptional quest for food. Have you ever tasted a Gujarati meal ,that will offer you a blend of both sweet and spicy flavor with plethora of vegetarian dishes. Owing to it’s climatic variation use of yogurt, buttermilk, coconut, groundnut, gram-flour, sugar are staples in a typical Gujarati food preparation.They have simple food philosophy which is dominantly vegetarian . Today i will be sharing a Gujarati breakfast “Thepla” which are lightly spiced Indian flat bread with a long shelf-life.That’s the reason you can always find it in a traveler’s mandatory list ….


Radha-Ballavi / Stuffed Puri

Apart from “Luchi” another thing which a bong enjoy with spicy Aloo-dum is “Radha-ballavi”, a variety of stuffed Puri. And it’s another favorite breakfast for which i have a constant obsession. Puri ,an Indian flat fried bread served with Potato curry is all time favorite combination across regions in India. Usually a stuffed puri is termed as “Kachori” or “Kachodi” which is no doubt a popular street-food ,the fillings of which differ from place to place. In Rajasthan you can also get sweet Mawa kachodi which is quiet popular apart from alo-pyaz ki kachodi & moong-dal ki kachodi. This is…

Bread / Rice, BreakFast

Green Peas Stuffed Paratha

When i tried paratha at the famous “Parathan wali Gali” in Old Delhi ,the first thing i thought why they are calling it a paratha !! Why not fried Paratha .They just deep fried that stuffed piece in that ocean of oil in-front of me .I am no more fan of that Gali.. I can’t even resist little more butter floating on top of paratha. May be a different kinda was introduced to me by my mom and i am still in love with them. I learnt this art from her ,to me a paratha should give a crunch when…

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