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Sfouf ,A lebanese Turmeric Cake

Any visitor with a big appetite, a little patience, and an adventurous spirit is bound to eat more and better in Lebanon than virtually anywhere else in the world.There is a sudden rise in popularity in lebanese food in India too.These days…

Vanilla bean Panna cotta

Panna Cotta , an Italian dessert which literally means cooked cream.Usually it's served with fresh fruit compote or wild berries.The best part is that such delicious dish can be made so quickly with few ingredients in hand. Today i will…

Easy Kheer Recipe ,the creamy concoction

Kheer was derived from the Sanksrit word kshirika (a dish prepared with milk), not as a rice pudding but a sweet preparation of milk and jowar. Back then using millets in pudding was quite common. This Easy Kheer Recipe  is a keeper.…