Badami-Murg , try something different !!

Warm Greetings to all readers for a lovely year to start.Let’s celebrate life with new hope ,new dreams with a promising spirit.2015 was full of travel for me ,had many new experiences making me even more stronger,more confident at the same time.Hope this year brings a lot of good food to me with new people ,places to interact. Today our showstopper is chicken ,but it’s little rich which goes well with Indian flat-bread ,Lachha Paratha or with dahi-roti.

Desserts, Indian Festive Food

Puffed Rice & Til Laddos – A winter bliss

If you ever get a chance to enjoy wintry days of Delhi , than you can’t miss talking about it’s delicious food . Sipping a Kulhad chai at road-side shop while devouring a hot samosa…eagerly waiting for your turn in a Aloo tikki chat queue… Watching the smoke coming out of your sizzling chicken biriyani is kind of fun that only can be enjoyed when mercury drops. Gajak is another delight to enjoy in north-Indian winter.Til (sesama seeds) and jaggery are the main component of these variety . I have added puffed rice to it which make it more crispy…


Mango Halwa – A dessert to relish!!

Mango!! The King of fruits ,of course the charm of Indian’s Summer.India produces largest quantity and varieties of Mango in the world. There are many ways that you can add this to your dish. Here i am sharing with you all, the recipe of Mango Halwa , a dessert to relish !! I have used dusehri mango in this recipe which gives a distinct royal taste.But you can try with other too. 🙂

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