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Chukku Kappi

 What please you the most in a hot summer day ,of course an unexpected rain in early afternoon ,that pleasant smell of petrichor & to enjoy that moment a cup of Chukka Kappi is what you need. I tried this first time during my Monsoon trip to Wayanad, that beautiful town in Kerala surrounded by lush tea-garden.

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Millet-Nutella Pudding

Recent trend of staying healthy has led to people opt for a healthy diet . But again choosing the right thing is not so easy .While most of the packed juice and ready to eat cereals don’t fall in the healthy category ,It’s always better to have your own home-made fresh juice,unrefined cereals or simply go for fresh salads. Finger Millet Flour or Raagi ,a highly nutritious cereal loaded with calcium, proteins, iron and other minerals.A special amino acid, Tryptophan present in Ragi helps in curbing appetite ,so its an ideal cereal for weight-loss. Its a staple food in Karnataka.In…


Valentine cappuccino !!

Sometimes in a busy working day we hardly get anytime to prepare something to impress our beloved.Couple of days back i received a jar of a freshly blended coffee powder from “The Malnad Times”. Believe me when i tried my first cup of cappuccino ,the taste was exquisite.Smooth and perfect !! Here i am sharing recipe of a cappuccino which can be made in 10 minutes.

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