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Boost your Immunity with Zizira Lakadong | Golden Milk Recipe

In April 2018, the Meghalaya Government has come up with Lakadong Mission Document. Lakadong has a much higher curcumin level than other regular varieties of turmeric. That’s the reason it stands out from other Turmerics. It’s one of the best in World which has health and gastronomic benefits.

Zizira is a small e-commerce company that has started selling its high-potential products nation-wide in 2015. Its vision aside, what sets Zizira apart is its exploration to discover the unique products and potential of Meghalaya.

zizira Lakadong ker

Zizira Lakadong

Joana Budelman, the co-founder of Zizira believes that Indians are passionate about unique food and Zizira is working towards creating a dent in that. This keeps on motivating the team of Zizira to discover unique crops that will grow and flourish in Meghalaya.  They aim to process high-profit product for both the company and the farmers.

zizira Lakadong ker

Lakadong, a name from ancient Ayurveda is popular for its medicinal use. It’s truly a miracle spice. Lakadong Turmeric is devoured for its high level of curcumin content.Zizira Lakadong Ker has everything to boost your immunity system. This is really easy to use by just adding one level teaspoon to a cup of warm milk. And you are all set to go.

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Lakadong ker

Ker means protect in local Khasi language. With Zizira Lakadong Ker, you can now enjoy the protective power of natural herbs included in this blend — high curcumin lakadong turmeric, ing makhir (or medicinal ginger), pepper longum, black pepper, cinnamon, black cardamom.

Health Benefits of Zizira Lakadong Ker:

  • Helps boost immunity and purifies the blood
  • Improve joint function
  • It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects
  • A very strong antioxidant.
  • Calms stomach
  • Stimulates mental function
  • Helps promote better sleep
  • Improves digestion, relieves congestion, cough, and cold
  • curcumin as a beneficial herb in cancer treatment. It can affect cancer growth

zizira Lakadong ker

Unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream when taken alone. Piperine which is there in black pepper enhance the absorption by 2000%. So this Zizira Lakadong Ker has black-pepper in it to enrich your health.

zizira Lakadong Beb

Zizira has another product which is Lakadong Beb, Golden Milk with Bhut Jolokia. A blend that helps to fight the habit of snacking in a day. Hence it helps to increase your metabolism.

“Beb” is the Khasi term for Bhut Jolokia. The high level of capsaicin in the Beb blend increases metabolism and can suppress appetite. It’s a quick and easy drink that will distract you from snacking and pep up your energy level. This one you can mix with hot water which will help your calorie intake.

Lakadong ker



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