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Summer Prawn-Mango Salad / Recipe under 10-minute

Welcome back to another Mango Recipe ,summer Prawn-Mango Salad .Believe me ..”Mangoes and Prawn can never go wrong together”.The spiced coated prawns with lemony-olive mangoes and crisp mint leaves make for a colorful riot of flavors and textures.To me Summers are made for salads.

It’s weekend time , the changing weather convincing us that Spring is the New Summer. Isn’t it !

I am scared how the Summer will be..Here is a recipe which gonna make your life super easy. Just relax..You have nothing to worry about .Grab a bottle of SPRIG Gourmet spice Blend “Syracuse” ,add few other ingredients. What next !! In just 10 minutes , a delicious Summer Lunch will be ready.

Don’t thank me ,just try it !!

Syracuse  is a fusion of fruity, floral and fiery spices celebrating the new world. Punchy heat of chilli and nutmeg, embraced by herbed tomato notes, a blend characteristic of the melting pot that is America. Adds intensity and depth to soups, stews, sauces and marinade. This versatile ingredient can be used as a rub, marinade, glaze, paste, crumb, sprinkle or dressing!

I have recently collaborated with SPRIG .SPRIG sits proudly on gourmet shelves in premium packaging from all over the world. Elegant handmade Italian glass bottles, tiny little Spriggle jars, premium aluminium tubes with a silky smooth finish, give you a hint of the exquisite products inside. SPRIG makes its debut just when a shrinking world expands people’s appetite for global cuisine.

So, the next time you’re looking for the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar or the world’s finest black pepper grown closer home in Tellicherry, just look up SPRIG and amaze yourself with our beautiful collection from across the world.

Let’s talk about our Summer Prawn-Mango Salad .  This Salad is brimming with bright Mangoes ,green mint and spiced Prawns. Nourish your belly with this Summery Food.Happy Weekend to you .Stay happy & enjoy good food.



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A Summer Prawn-Mango Salad

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