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Prawn Dum Biriyani, A valentine treat to Mom

This year i was with my parents on valentine day, the day when whole world celebrate the joy of Love. I always find that joy to make some food for others.And the joy became most when i get a chance to cook for my mom.My mom loves biriyani and whenevr i visit , she always keeps the ingredients ready before hand.This time i managed to get fresh prawn from Chilika Lake (Famous for it’s sea food besides it’s beautiful lake. Read more at here.) .The result was yummilicious prawn biriyani. She liked it so much and my father only could smell the aroma as he is a pure vegetarian. 😉 Anyways i made veggy biriyani for him too.

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Prawn Dum Biriyani
Course main course
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Course main course
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
  1. Mix the turmeric, chili powder, salt, ginger, garlic, onion, Garam masala and 1/2 cup yogurt and marinate the prawns in it, for 1/2 an hour.
  2. Cook rice with water until its 80% cooked.Drain the water and add 1 tsp cardamom powder,salt per taste to it.Mix well and set aside for layering.
  3. Now take a pan and heat 1 tbsp oil and add prawns and cook at medium flame for 5-7min.You will get a thick liquid gravy .
  4. Now it comes to layering.Take a handi or a biriyani pot. Grease the bottom with ghee.
  5. Take half rice and layer the bottom.Add second layer of half of the prawn on it.Sprinkle coarinder chopped and half of prawn gravy .Sprinkle half onion.Third layer is with the remaining rice and final layer is with remaining prawn gravy.Sprinkle fried onion, coriander and green chills on top .Sprinkle the milk.Now seal the pot with dough and put on dum on lowest heat of gas burner.You can always put a flat skillet or tawa first on gas flame and than put your biriyani pot on it for dum, so that there will be no-chance of burning inside.
  6. It will take 25-30 min till you get a nice aroma all around.To check whether cooking is done or not, sprinkle little water on the side wall of pot outside. If it's done than water will evaporate immediately.
  7. Serve hot ..
Recipe Notes

  1. mrkk08 says


  2. Jhuls says

    I love the prawns on your Biryani. This looks so tasty and so yummy. Thank you for sharing at FF table. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. milkandbun says

    Hi Sai! Im so glad you shared this recipe with all at Fiesta Friday! I almost can smell it! 🙂 Second photo is amazing! Usually I eat mutton biriyani, but now I can’t wait to try with shrimps! :)Cheers,Mila

  4. ladysphinger says

    Thanks a lot Mila..Let me know how you find it..I too a meat lover but yes prawn biriyani has it’s own charm.Cheers to Fiesta Friday 🙂

  5. ladysphinger says

    Thank you..Happy weekend to you too.. Cheers!! 🙂

  6. milkandbun says

    Oh I wish you would send me a huge bowl of biriyani! 🙂

  7. ladysphinger says

    And i wish that beautiful decorated salad in return 😉 cheers!!

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