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Honey Lemon Tea Recipe

When Life gives you lemon grab it with a happy smile , make a cup of Honey Lemon Tea.

Fill your cup with Honey Lemon Tea.Put some Music ,grab a book or just swing.Enjoy the moment..

The very important thing is your own Happiness ,let not allow the bitterness of lemon to spoil it. Rather use it’s juice ,add to your tea .Look how beautiful the color of the tea changes .

Believe in God ,every failure makes you better making you more confident. And everything happens for a reason.Stay positive & stay HAPPY.

Variation to Honey Lemon Tea

As you wonder a lemon tea in the city of Hyderabad , you will be offered a glass of “Sulaimani chaya” which has a history that Prophet Muhammed used to drink this lemon tea with dates & pepper.

The street of Kolkata offer you lemon tea in a cutting glass where a pinch of black salt is added to enhance the taste.I love that zing

.Honey Lemon Tea Recipe

While in Kerala they love to add fresh spices like a piece cardamom or a cinnamon stick.And they sip their drink post lunch.

Note : You can add some fresh mint leaves to it Prophet Mohammed with dates and black pepper added to it, it really makes the drink even more refreshing.


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Lemon Tea
Course drink
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course drink
Cook Time 5 minutes
  1. Boil 2 cup of water ,add tea and switch off the flame.Let it sit for 30 second.
  2. Add lemon slice to your cup, strain black tea.
  3. Mix honey & serve.
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