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Rajasthan Bishnoi Village in Jodhpur is a place where one can experience the real Rajasthan culture with delicious food.

The day was even more colder than previous night at Jaipur. Our plan was to exit city as soon as possible. But was not possible in a foggy morning when one can only dream a cozy blanket and cup of tea. By 10 AM we left the pink city and headed towards Jodhpur , second largest city of Rajasthan.

Route: Jaipur-Dudu-Ajmer-Bar-Dangiyawas-Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort (340 km)

The bright yellow mustard flower fields were the real splash of colors to me while moving on shinning highways.We took 2-3 bypass to escape traffic and save time.”sarsoo ka saag”(curry made of mustard leaves) and makki di roti (indian maize flour flatbread) what i enjoyed in that wintry landscape on a roadside dhaba.

At Dangiyawas we took the left road towards Bishnoi Village, 25 km from that point. You might have heard about this village when there was a talk about Bollywood star Salman khan Chinkara poaching case. Bishnoism is a art of living by following 29 rules laid by Guru Jambheshvar ji where mostly protection of environment and wild-life are important. One can easily spot freely roaming wild animals near their houses. On the way i saw Chinkaras (Indian gazelle),Blackbucks,Deers, Nilgai and Camels enjoying their freedom. It was approaching the dark as the sun sets.So,we didn’t dare to stop and click pictures of those strangers 😉

By 5.45 PM we reached “Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort”.

The place meets all your comforts.An evident good humour in that cosy enviroment with their warm hospitality make your stay even more comfortable. I thanked almighty for making my dream true of spending a day at a Village Hut. Huts are beautifully decorated with Rajasthani paintings.

Year-end evening became more charmful when the folk artist Sugnaram started playing his Ravanhatta ,a musical instrument made of coconut shell,bamboo and horse hair . From Ramayana epic,king Ravana used to play this instrument while worshiping Lord Shiva.After the war between Rama and Ravana, Hanuman picked up a Ravanahatta and returned to North India.That’s why it’s believed to be the first musical instrument of India.


Sugnaram Bhopa is the same artist who played this instrument at MTV Coke Studio with my favorite singer Papon . http://youtu.be/Tq-RRb9MqDs .He had also traveled abroad for many musical concerts

By 9 PM the diner was ready, the famous Dal Baati Churma but this time in a perfect traditional way. I didn’t miss to go to it’s kitchen where they prepared in a mud stove.They served the baati with home-made ghee(clarified butter),Dal,Jaggery,Garlic chutney and Gatte ki sabzi. In fact the best Rajastahni food i had that night during my entire trip. yummilicious and we were totally guilt free for not having non-veg on 31st night !! The year ended with a blissful soul and happy stomach 🙂



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