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Places around Hauz Khas,Delhi

Hauz khas ,a busy hub of restaurants,fashion boutiques with crumbling streets  is one of the popular hangout junctions in Delhi.

As you finished around 500 meter walking beyond the shops there is a large gate which leads to the monument area surrounding a beautiful lake with lots of greenery all around.

These monuments were an old madrasa constructed by Firuz Shah Tughluq in 1350’s, he  restored the abandoned tank and renamed it as Hauz I Khas which means “Royal water tank” in Urdu. and went on to construct an array of structures including his tomb around the tank resulting a L-shaped complex.

Childrens were taught variety of subjects including  rational sciences such as magic, philosophy ,literature ,Islamic Law, Hauz Khas has some of the largest green areas in Delhi, namely Deer Park and Rose Garden.

Before reaching Hauz-khas ,we took our lunch at Jagannath temple .It’s around one km from there ,a religious center for mostly Oriya people .A Hindu temple symbolism spiritualism where people visit to revitalize their spiritual energies.The positiveness in that environment gives an inner peace soothing the soul and mind. We had prasadam at lunch offering only 70 bucks per plate.

Three deities from right to left ,Jaggannath,Subhadra,Balabhadra


Post lunch ,we did a good walk inside the deer park,a place which is very well maintained with hundreds of deer.




Park is closed on Friday.

Evening Coffee was at “Kunzum Travel Cafe” ,a pay-what-you-like policy for the self-service..A place for travelers exchanging stories over a cup of Coffee. Yes, i too made few friends 🙂




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