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Advaitha Yoga Holidays, A path of self-realization

Advaitha Yoga refers to the soul is the same as the highest metaphysical Reality. Advaitha Yoga is dedicated to facilitating the conscious or unconscious endeavour of human beings towards happiness. Happiness proceeds to freedom, satisfaction and completeness. Then altogether the realisation of the unity comes.

Advaitha Yoga Holidays

About Advaitha Yoga Holidays

Advaitha Yoga is curated by Kona Narayanasamy and taught by yoga teacher and visualizer Bindu Madhavi. It is an experience of reconnecting with your inner-being by working with your body and your mind.

Advaitha is a platform where the two most passionate hobbies come together to create the balance needed. And to rejuvenate oneself. Yoga being an art form to understand the true nature of our body, mind and soul, connected on an eternal level. Travel, the word itself bringing about an adrenaline rush of being in a new place and open to cultural exploration. In this journey of having the two together, is in many ways unexplored and attainable to have the perfect combination of the most relaxing time away from our usual stress filled days.

Advaitha Yoga Holidays

At Advait Yoga, classes are designed to offer the student the relevant esoteric information. They follow techniques to achieve the designated goals. Combination of the most beneficial postures and stretching, breathing practices and meditation purifies the subtle bodies that lie within and clears up the blocked energy channels. This allows an uninterrupted and uniform flow of energy in the body. And gives relaxation to the body which leads to a good physical tone, mental alertness, increased immunity and elevated spirits. It eventually allows you to reconnect with your real self, as well as help you to regain balance and harmony in your life.

Advaitha yoga offers wonderful benefits to its practitioners. By participating in an Advaitha retreat, people can learn how to live a balanced and harmonious life. Advaitha brings people together.

Why Yoga Is For Everyone (Benefits of Yoga)

  • Improves flexibility and builds muscle strength.
  • Perfects your posture.
  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown.
  • Protects your spine.
  • Betters your bone health.
  • Increases your blood flow.
  • Drains your lymph and boosts immunity.
  • Ups your heart rate into the aerobic range.
  • Drops your blood pressure.
  • Regulates your adrenal glands.

Yoga and travel have the vibes in common which make us feel complete. A Unity and Oneness which reminds us that we are correlated.

When you picture yourself practising Yoga with like-minded yoga lovers while the wind is playing with your hair and the beach just a few steps away…you feel the goosebumps. Travelling and Yoga retreat together is a wonderful way to fill your cup and enhance wellness. Explore and immerse yourself in Yoga.

All the destinations at Advaitha Yoga Holidays have been chosen carefully by their team. By those organizers who have traveled to these locations and have engaged with the locals. Thereby getting the right environment to focus on the essence of the place selected. The place matters. As it helps to focus on our well being through the practice of yoga.

In the past, they have successfully organised Yoga Holidays in Hampi, Nandi Hills, Himachal ,Goa in India.And they are not limited to India.They also arrange Yoga Holidays in Bali and Sri-Lanka..

Check their website to know more about their Upcoming Yoga Holidays.

Advaitha Yoga in Sri-Lanka

Where else could you start but the Paradise Island that is Sri Lanka! Serene beaches with the most peaceful atmosphere where you can have your yoga lessons. The package includes your 6-night stay at a 5-star resort right on the beach. It also covers the most important aspect of a healthy diet and focuses on getting your body to get back the youth in it. And not missing out on the fun we also get to explore the beauty of the place and learn about their great history. This is what Advaitha offers with great delight..the combination of a beautiful place with the right trainer to relearn your yoga asanas in the right environment.

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