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Nimki, a savory snack

Indian has not only big sweet-tooth, they have a love affair with savory snack too.  Though countless aspirations made to improve diets, the song remains the same.people still want snacks.Nimki, while you pronounce it, stretch the "i" part…

Beetroot Cutlet/ Beetroot Tikki Recipe

Beetroot Cutlet is the last-minute snack that you can plan for a celebration or for your Dinner party.A dish which is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser. The twist here I gave to Beetroot Cutlet is adding bhut-jolokia sauce. The sweetness of…

Fried Wheat Crackers | Whole Wheat Mathri Recipe

These Fried Wheat Crackers are crunchy savory bites. You can call them fried-cookie.Whole Wheat Mathri is perfect for any festive celebration. A spiced snack which can be paired with a cup of Tea too.You will enjoy making these Fried Wheat…
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