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How to Make Mint Rice / Pudina Rice

Mint Rice or Pudina Rice is a one-pot meal. Spicy, flavorful with the goodness of Mint leaves. I was alone at home, it was pouring outside.Days are like that when you feel lazy to cook for yourself. I wanted something spicy too as I was…

Curd-Rice ,South-Indian Comfort Food

Curd-Rice is one of the most comfortable food on my list. Perfectly balanced with a sizzling tempering of fresh curry leaves,green-chili and peanuts is my way of making it. Some make it with left-over rice and some like me make it fresh, a…

Turmeric Chili Rice

I am a person who belong to this category.I am brought up in such values by my parents like "Do not waste food, because food is God".The sight of food-wastage is always more in a buffet party.I am not a rice lover though I am from land of…
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