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South-Indian Masala Vada / Ambode Recipe

Call it Ambode or South-Indian Masala Vada ,they are just perfect to match the Bangalore's murky sky. These crispy spiced fritters are the best to pair with a cup of ginger tea or  filter kappi . Those were the days when I used to pick few…

Potato Fritters Recipe / Aloo Pakoda Recipe

It was a Summer afternoon having it's own beauty.The sky seems to be different giving a prospect of rain.And with that sight , my sister asked me to prepare some hot pakoda or Potato Fritters to munch with a cup of filter coffee. what next?…

Mumbai Style Sabudana Vada | Easy Sago Fritters Recipe

I was introduced to this amchi mumbai street-food in Bangalore.Those days watching theatre at Ranga-shankar was one of my favorite time-pass .The cafe there serves Sabudana vada with hot tea.After each play it's a must to have them while…
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