Best Things to do in Thekkady ,Kerala

Thekkady, a tropical symphony is bestowed with vibrant landscapes, glistening waterfalls and , cloud touching mountains of Western Ghats. You should know the best things to do in Thekkady, the Spice Land of God’s own country.

Thekkady is a plethora of Indian Spice Plantations. When it comes to Indian cuisines, Spices are considered as major condiments. Whether you toss the tadka or you talk about authentic South Indian Sambar, spices give a zing to your taste buds.

The aroma of Indian spices when get infused with air, you sense the green lush of Kerala.

To me, Monsoon is the best time to embrace the beauty of Kerala.The sound of the rain plummeting down while you’re lying in the comfy bed.And stumble upon your favorite songs. The curl of green pepper creeper on silver oak tree gives a hunch of hanging ropes tangled to feathery clouds.

What a breathtaking glimpse! You can’t stop yourself from thanking Almighty for this mortal life.

The whistling air enters into the secret chamber of your heart while you’re amused by the serenity of Western Ghat. When you roll down along the hills of Munnar towards Thekkady,you will encounter the emerald tea plantations of Kerala.The mischievous play of misty clouds with those layered green hedges leave you speechless.

While you are enjoying the ferry ride over those curvy trails, a cloudburst may happen to drench the mother earth.

Best Things to do in Thekkady

After a splendid stretch of 84 kilometers from Munnar, you finally loose yourself into the woods of Periyar National Park.

Visit Periyar National Park

Periyar National park is a noteworthy elephant reserve as well as a Tiger reserve. The park covers an area of 925-kilometer square which is a depository of scarce and endemic flora and fauna.

Rivers Pamba and Periyar flow through the Periyar national park by nurturing its inhabitants. The Periyar river is the longest river in Kerala. The sanctuary is famous for its deciduous forests and savanna grasslands.

Eco-tourism activities are conducted in the Periyar National Park to conserve the Human love for Wilderness. Such as Nature Walk, Green Walk, Jungle Scout, Bamboo Grove, Bamboo Rafting, Border hiking, Periyar Tiger Trail, Jungle Inn, Jungle camp and Tribal Heritage. 

Spice Plantation Tour, Best Things to do in Thekkady

You’re in Thekkady..the beauteous daughter of Kerala.

Approximately 4 kilometers apart Kumily is located, encircled by spice plantations. It is a town in Cardamom Hills near Thekkady.

What you do when you are inside the spice forest and suddenly feathery clouds drizzle? You spot the big spice tree and run for shelter then burst into giggles like a school kid.

Very next moment, you urge for Elaichi tea(Cardamom tea) for little warmth. Isn’t it? I do!

Thekkady is famous for its Cardamom and tea plantations. The infused aroma of Cardamom and Tea must leave you at an enthralling state of mind.

If you are looking for a blissful stay in Thekkady, You may consider this Gorgeous Resort Hills and Hues. 

Ayurveda Museum

When you are in Thekkady, you must pay a visit to Angadipetty,Kerala Ayurveda Museum. A walk inside the premise accompanied by Medicinal Plants will cheer you up. Every time you stalk at a shrub that resembles familiar to you, then you try hard to recognize..Here you go wrong, the moment your eyes roll down at the scientific nameplate, it clasps proudly 🙂

The prodigious spectrum of the ayurvedic garden not only enhances Wikipedia but this Museum showcases educative artefacts of ancient Ayurveda Science. The Artefacts are accumulated and preserved precisely.

Few miles apart,you can visit the Elephant Camp next to those spice interact with those genius but innocent creatures..May be a Photograph together  for a memory?

Kalvari mount, Thekkady

How about a morning greet to the awaken Sun at the most scenic viewpoint ? Yes , I am talking about Kalavari Mount which bestows in the vicinity of Thekkady. This hillock showcases breathtaking sights of the Idduki reservoir.

Enthralling vistas of the valley and the hazy sky will scribble in your soul absurdly at this viewpoint.

Spice Shopping

On your way back to the hotel, do not forget to purchase some fresh spices for your Home. Take a break at the Kumily market and relish the aroma of spice shopping. While Cardamom is a glorious item in your buy list, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Herbs and Ayurvedic oil will grasp your shopaholic spree.

One of the Best Things to do in Thekkady is to enjoy a cup of Chaya!

Must try the famous Kerala Chaya with mouth smacking  Pazhampuri (Tea and snack) which completes your Monsoon Travel in Thekkady.

A drive into  Rain,

Sweeping away Pain,

Collecting the Memories,

Reloading the affairs in Thekkady

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