Best Things to do in Mumbai

Sometimes you need to unplan all planned things, and go with the flow. Because the journey is more beautiful than destination.

Best Things to do in Mumbai

This Summer, I flew off to Mumbai. The Konkani stretch on West coast of India. The city that never sleeps. Here are the Best Things to do in Mumbai .
Well, I was not in quest of
“Why is a marine fish called Bombay duck ?” Nor I traveled so far to watch any chaotic parade! I just landed on the City of dreams to meet Summer hues. And I scribble a summer story.
I rushed to Haldiram outlet the moment I arrived on Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. I relaxed over Bombay masala toast and Cappuccino, a deadly pairing!
I enjoyed it till the last bite. Then I booked an Uber, and headed towards Juhu. The weather was hot and humid but bloomy. The sights of narrow road, traffic and old buildings were eye catchy.
After a tiresome day, I planned for Street food Hopping with a friend. My friend is a localite, the best guide for exploring the Arabian sea. Joking apart, I mean “Juhu Chaupati” The Chaupati was like esplanade of lip smacking street foods. For a minute I couldn’t understand where to start from..
exploring Mumbai
On my friend’s recommendation I grabbed a plate of Bombay Pav bhaji with a dollop of butter. Incredibly rich blend of veggies and spices served alongside butter toasted pav/ bread rolls was phenomenal.
“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream ” Now, try this tongue twister before I take you to Jbs Beach 49 stall.
We ordered for Mango kulfi and Malai kulfi, both were delectable.
How could I say No to Golgappa, famous panipuri dish of Mumbai. I was so full that I thought of taking a walk to the hotel where I was lodged for three nights.
Good morning Mumbai. It’s a day for plucking a bouquet of sunflowers and a Tuk tuk tour to the seashore.
We had delicious meals at Bayroute Juhu, it is a Mediterranean restaurant. After slurping two or three titillating cocktails we were off to Bandra railway station.
Taking a trip in Mumbai local was coded in my To-Do list, for a long time. You may call it Impact of Indian cinema on youth. Hence, I ought to try this Lifeline of Mumbai.
“Bombay chalti do cheezon par hai … ek luck, doosri local.”
Exploring Mumbai in One Day
Well, our luck worked! It was quite rush free hour and we managed to get seats in first class compartment.
The journey from Bandra to Church gate was anticipated.11 intermediate stations, covering a distance of 15 km between the above two stations, with a flock of people entering at every halt. Somehow I managed to get a snap inside Mumbai local before getting off at that busy platform.

Best Things to do in Mumbai !

The taxi ride from Churchgate to Gateway of India was memorious. I was truly amazed by the sights of old buildings and their restorations. I admired all those great architects silently in my mind. Their undying spirit is infused in the air.
Gateway of India, a magnificent monument showcasing the glorious Gujarat architecture of the time. It is lodged on the waterfront at such an angle; one side is Taj Mahal Palace and  another side is Arabian sea.
Exploring Mumbai
The iconic Gateway of India stands out prideful; Through this memorial arch the last British troops departed in 1948, following the Independence of India.
Exploring Mumbai in One Day

After clicking a few photographs we headed towards Taj Mahal Palace,timeless elegance. From the front passage Arabian sea looks mesmerizing with crimson sky above.I took a short walk for a panoramic view; while relishing classic Ice Gola.
If I could I would have archived those moments inside Pandora’s box.

Now, it is time to brew memories over a cup of coffee. Hence we marched straight way to Cafe Mondegar. Cafe Mondegar was established inside Metro House in Colaba Causeway on the 1st of April,1930. Acclaimed Indian cartoonist Mario de Miranda had painted murals on all inner walls; and entrance ceiling of the cafe.

With every sup of Coffee, I was praising Mr. Mario for his legendary artwork. Oh yes, Onion rings is best here,served on trendy plates.
Sprinkles of jolliness,a quick exchange of smiles with Parsi aunties at adjacent table made my sundowner moments indelible.

Exploring Mumbai in One Day
I filled in my heart with a tub of happiness ;  I uttered “Adios, mi amigo” and took a leave from Cafe Mondegar.
Somewhere in my heart, I knew that my journey begins here. The journey of Collecting happy moments and Creating memories for lifetime.
As of now, I just sayAamchi Mumbai, I will see you again. You and I will brew up innumerable moments,  while listening to Bhule bisre geet on Radio Vividh Bharati “

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